Hello Madam President® is the Global Education & Empowerment Resource founded by Dr. Posh®

One of the ways we accomplish our Mission of Educating and Empowering our Global Community is through Heirforce OneTM

Heirforce OneTM Merchandise is a visual representation of the Kindom Power that dwells in each of us Heirs to the Kingdom of God.

Heirforce OneTM Membership is an Exclusive Space where we unite as a Global Community and Heirs to the Kingdom of God to be Educated & Empowered to be Presidential.

Being Presidential requires Presidential Thinking and Heirforce OneTM is a space where we come together to speak Life, Health and Wealth into our own lives. We then proceed to live out the manifestation of our words by walking in our Presidential Power!

You Are a Kingdom Heir, join Heirforce One™ and walk in your Presidential Power!

All Aboard!

Ready for Liftoff!