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Ms. Michele C. Scott, M. Div
Ms. Michele C. Scott, M. DivOwner & President, Home Helpers Home Care, Tulsa, OK


It has been a blessing witnessing the growth and evolution of Hello Madam President®. Heirforce One™, the Exclusive Membership Network offered by Hello Madam President®, transforms individual lives while changing the intellectual landscape of our Global Community. Join Heirforce One™ Today and start your journey to Presidential Transformation!

Dr. Madge L. Barnes, MD
Dr. Madge L. Barnes, MDCEO, Barone Health and Medical Advisory Amazon Best selling Author


Dr. Posh® has never ceased to amaze me. She has orchestrated her diverse career background into Symphonic excellence. She possesses a unique ability to be knowledgeable in many areas and the compassion to humbly share it with others. She is a Visionary that seeks to exhort others to live their “best life”.

Well done Dr. Posh®!

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Focus your mind and thoughts toward the life God has designed for you

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Discover of the power of your spoken word and understand the gravity of what it means to speak life into yourself and others

Confront energy draining people, places and things in your life so your time will be better managed and your positive energy reserves
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Create a new you, a new hope & vision for your future and discover a new level of manifested creative ingenuity